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New Compact, Low-Voltage Servo Motors for Smooth Motion in Tight Spaces

Autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs), machine tools and many other applications that use compact rotary actuators require the precise, smooth motion delivered by servo motors. But it can be a challenge to find standard motors that can deliver high performance in a compact, well-protected housing.

That’s why, to support these applications, we’ve introduced two new compact and lightweight low-voltage servo motor models — the HPM40-01-48-01 and HPM40-02-48-01. Here’s a brief overview of them:

Small Form Factor Houses Precision
We’ve shrunk the size of our already compact low-voltage servo motors without detracting from their performance. Our new HPM40 48 VDC servo motors feature a 40-millimeter square housing and are available in either 50- or 100-watt models. Equipped with neodymium magnets for excellent power generation, these motors meet the smooth motion requirements of precise, low-voltage and low-torque industrial applications.

Servo motors are often implemented in applications that require precise degrees of positioning control, such as robotics. We designed the HPM40 48 VDC motors with an integrated incremental optical encoder so you don’t have to install and configure external hardware. Additional feedback options are also available.

These motors are ideal for packaging, robotics and AGV applications, all of which can feature physically demanding environments. An IP54-rated protective housing ensures the motors perform well throughout a long lifecycle.

As low-voltage motors, HPM40 48 VDC models excel in low-voltage or battery-powered applications, including the rotating joints in sensitive instruments like surgical robots and autonomous mobile robots.

Easy to Customize
Like all of our products, these low-voltage servo motors are designed for easy customization. Different connectors, as well as shaft and mounting modifications, facilitate installation in your application. We can also modify the motor’s performance by adding a holding brake, different windings or optional gear reducers.

Take advantage of our short lead times, ensuring you get your motors delivered on time. Learn more on our product page.

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