White Papers

Custom Slip Rings To Meet Specialized Challenges Custom Slip Rings To Meet Specialized Challenges [White Paper] October 21, 2022 - In our new white paper, we explore custom slip rings. Slip rings tailored to specific application requirements often outclass standard options in effectiveness. At Orbex, we modify slip rings to accommodate a wide range of environmental, operational and performance specifications. Altering standard options for increased environmental protection or different data… Read more »
Improve Performance and Cut Costs with Custom BLDC Motors [White Paper] August 21, 2020 - In our latest white paper, we take a deep dive into custom brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Although engineers often turn to off-the-shelf units, custom motors have many benefits. For example, they can be designed to fit in tight spaces or handle demanding thermal, corrosive or electromagnetic operating conditions. And best… Read more »