Custom Slip Rings for Challenging Applications

While Orbex has a wide offering of standard slip rings, many of the units we ship are custom. We can quickly customize everything from the number of power or signal circuits, to the form factor, to the environmental rating. We can also add various cables or connectors, integrate position feedback or design for specific speed and operating life requirements. And best of all, we deliver our custom slip rings quickly and with an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

We recently designed and delivered two custom slip rings to meet some unique operating requirements:

Custom Slip Ring With Integral Encoder

The first is a six-circuit, 24-VDC slip ring with an integral encoder, which provides position feedback for a mobile robotics application. In addition to a single-turn, 4096-turn encoder, we integrated stainless steel bearings and anodized aluminum housing. Other features include:

  • Speed: 100 RPM
  • Temperature range: -20º to +80ºC
  • IP 51 protection
  • Dimensions: 34 mm (length) and 44 mm (largest diameter)

Custom Slip Ring For Extreme Temperatures

Our second example is a 600-VAC, 10-A slip ring we designed to handle tough Arctic environments. This unit includes a ruggedized, custom connector on the top, as well as a stainless steel ball bearing and anodized aluminum housing. It also includes four circuits and can achieve speeds up to 80 RPM. Other notable features include:

  • Temperature range: -40º to +80ºC
  • IP 65 protection
  • Dimensions: 113 mm (length) and 55 mm (diameter at the top of the device)

Check out these custom configurations in our new video:

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