From Packaging to Communications, Reap the Benefits of Speedy Slip Ring Delivery for Your Application

From Packaging to Communications, Reap the Benefits of Speedy Slip Ring Delivery for Your Application

Although standard slip rings can meet most application requirements, sometimes customization is required. We understand that long lead times for custom products can cause you to miss a project deadline — which is why we deliver custom slip rings in three to four weeks to ensure you get the parts you need when you need them.

From signal type to form factor, our slip rings offer many design modifications to choose from, enabling you to deploy units that best meet your application requirements. For example:

Better meet the demands of packaging equipment. To maintain high productivity in packaging applications, machines require high cycle speeds and round-the-clock operation. For these reasons, your slip rings must be able to withstand demanding conditions, all while reliably transferring power and electrical signals between your machines and control system.

Our slip rings feature proprietary channeled brush technology, creating multiple contact points and reducing contact forces to minimize wear. When specifying your custom slip ring for a packaging application, choose from various combinations of power and signal circuits, as well as lead length, wire gages and rotor and stator exits.

Specify the right combination of power and data. Communications equipment like cable reels, radar systems and satellite dishes rely on continuous rotary motion to track vehicles and satellites. Custom slip rings can reliably handle these requirements by providing high transmission rates and IP65 protection for effective operation in demanding environments.

Our customizable slip rings combine power and data signals — including high-speed Ethernet — in multiple mechanical configurations to meet your specific needs. In general, power circuits transfer power to the rotating portion of the machine and can transfer 5, 10, 15 or 20 amps per circuit with standard voltages up to 600 VAC. Higher voltages and higher currents are available.

Signal circuits transfer digital data and are normally rated at 2 amps per circuit. These units are normally used to transfer data or power that is lower in voltage and less than 2 amps per signal.

Specify a Custom Slip Ring With Ease
It’s easy to configure your slip ring with our online tool, which can help you specify the exact product you need for your application. Select your form factor, your required power, signal and data circuit criteria, and dynamic requirements like speed, duty cycle, temperature range and desired lifetime.

Learn more about our custom slip rings on our webpage.

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