Custom Slip Rings for Food and Satellite Applications — Delivered Fast

Custom Slip Rings for Food and Satellite Applications — Delivered Fast

For some applications, you’ll need more than what a standard slip ring can offer. In these cases, don’t resort to the lesser of two evils and pick a catalog slip ring that’s “close enough.” At Orbex, we offer a better option and can adapt a slip ring to your exact specifications. Thanks to our slip rings’ modular design, our customization process is quick and easy. And as an added benefit, you’ll receive your custom slip ring in only three to four weeks.

Two industries that might call for a custom slip ring are food processing and satellite communications. Let’s explore some of the modifications we’ve made to our standard slip rings in order to perform more optimally in these demanding applications.

Better durability for food processing. Food processing equipment must be able to handle washdown without succumbing to corrosion or water damage from the caustic fluids. In one application, we raised the protection rating of our standard slip ring to IP65, making it more suitable for these environments. We also increased the through-hole size and included a 100 megabyte-per-second Ethernet data channel, as well as 20 power rings.

More data and less space for satellite communications. When it comes to satellite communications, it’s all about data throughput and space savings. In one application, we designed an electrical slip ring with dual channel radio frequency (RF) capabilities up to five gigahertz, as well as four-channel Ethernet at 100 megabytes per second. We rolled everything up in a compact package and included custom SMA connectors to make installation and integration easier.

Get Ready To Go Custom
Our slip rings’ modular design gives you the freedom to choose specific cable lengths, wire gauges and connectors, as well as higher IP ratings, alternative housing materials and wider temperature ranges. To facilitate installation and mounting, we can even add additional data channels and increase through-hole sizes.

Getting started is easy. With our online configuration tool, you can begin customizing your slip ring in just a few clicks.

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