Ultra-compact Custom BLDC Gear Motors for Compact, Precise and Cost-effective Motion Control

Ultra-compact Custom BLDC Gear Motors for Compact, Precise and Cost-effective Motion Control

Motion control solutions using standard components can be difficult to implement when trying to reconcile competing application requirements. At Orbex, we solve such challenges by customizing our standard products to deliver specialized solutions that meet your exact specifications.

For example, we recently customized our EC-Flat BLDC motors, which provide smooth motion, high precision and excellent power density in a compact package. Both motors are part of assemblies including a planetary gearbox, achieving high power density, low noise and efficient operation. The motors also feature either absolute or incremental encoders for accurate positioning.

A Perfect Fit for Small Medical Devices
The first assembly is a 31-millimeter motor featuring a two-stage planetary reducer and encoder. It is ideal for powering small devices, such as the pump on a battery-driven medical device. It can achieve a rated output speed of 175 rotations per minute, and its magnetic encoder features a resolution of 4,096 counts per revolution.

A Custom Solution for an Autonomous Robot
The second assembly features a customized EC6025 motor with integral encoder and 10:1 planetary reducer, delivering a rated output speed of 240 rotations per minute and torque up to 5 Newton-meters. This motor, which includes an optical encoder with a resolution of 2,080 counts per revolution, was recently implemented as a steering actuator for an autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

In addition to the customizations we made to each of these motors, we also offer many options for integral electronics. Like all our product offerings, these motors feature short lead times so you get the parts you need — when you need them.

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