BLDC Motors

Cost-effective, Brushless BLDC Motors for Precise, Closed-loop Control

Orbex’s cost-effective EC family of brushless BLDC motors is designed to deliver precise, closed-loop control for demanding applications that operate at high rotational speed and high torque such as robotic arms or packaging machines. Built-in features include NdFeB magnets for smooth, low-cogging motion, optional incremental encoders for position feedback and Hall-effect sensors to provide electrical commutation. Together, they enhance motor efficiency, minimize maintenance requirements and increase throughput. The motors also offer IP51-level protection. EC family BLDC brushless motors come in a space-saving 42-millimeter frame size and are available in a 25- to 100-watt power range with 24- and 48-volt windings.

  • EC42100-48 BLDC Motor

    High-torque, low-cost brushless DC motors for servo applications

    Low cost
    NdFeB magnets
    Smooth, low-cogging motion
    42-mm frame size

    Power range: 100 W
    48 VDC windings
    IP51 protection
    Hall effects…

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