Hollow Shaft and Throughbore Slip Rings

The 500 series of through bore slip rings is ideally suited for applications where signals and power need to be transferred in a compact space and a through hole is required to pass a shaft or other feed through. The 500 series uses a modular design that allows for unprecedented flexibility with respect to package size, circuit count, and mix of power and signal circuits. Standard units can be supplied with bore diameters from 2 mm to 90 mm, with larger diameters available as custom solutions. The 500 series uses Orbex’s advanced channeled brush technology to greatly increase service life.

  • 5100-5012 Through Hole Slip Rings

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    50 circuits rated 5A, 12 circuits rated 10A, 100mmID, ABS housing, L = 282.5mm, also available in 15A and 20A, IP51 and IP65 options